Supreme Standards Guest DJ Mix \\ Funk Bast*rd, Darker Than Wax

23rd October 2018

Dean Chew, AKA Funk Bast*rd, is one of South East Asia’s busiest and most in demand experts of electronic and black music. Co-founding label Darker Than Wax in 2011, he and his fellow five team members champion black music and its electronic progressions via their imprint, DJ nights and global radio schedule.

There’s an infectious wonderlust for music in Funk Bast*rd’s sets, connecting unobvious tracks that make perfect sense in their succession. Despite also holding down a successful career as an architect, Funk Bast*rd has successfully balanced his obsession for music, collecting vinyl for almost 20 years, and DJing for 15 of them.

Funk Bast*rd’s positive influence on the DJing world is felt in his elevation of music over format; “I think the format to me isn’t that crucial anymore”, he explains. “What’s more important is how you play it, and narrate that to your audience”. Never a truer word from an expert selector.

In his exclusive one hour mix for Supreme Standards, recorded in Singapore, Funk Bast*rd takes us through a varied spectrum. From the calm yet bouncy Jazz-funk of Butcher Brown, we’re travelled via electronic progressor Max Graef through to single albumed Minneapolis band The Lewis Connection.

To celebrate our first Supreme Standards guestmix with Funk Bast*rd, we took a few minutes to get better acquainted with the multi-skilled label head.

Do you carry a kind of ethos when it comes to curating selections and mixing, and if so, where do you pull inspiration from?

I fundamentally believe that the spirit of improvisation is very crucial in curating selections and mixing. But of course that can only come with time, experience and really making an effort to dig, research and find out how different forms of music are related to each other. The ‘in-between’ fascinates me, and I try to tell that same story in my sets through the blending of various ‘genres’ together.

Tell us about your favourite set of the year?

It would have to be the Darker Than Wax label night at Cakeshop in Seoul this year! The energy was amazing, and the people were really into it. And dropping Chip Wickham’s ‘Barrio 71’ at 3am peak time was extremely liberating for me haha!

Can you give us recommendations for DJs and music collectors who visit Singapore?

Red Point records run by Mr Ong is always a must, Choice Cuts goods and coffee are doing very good things as well. The newest kid on the block, White Label at Ann Siang Hill – operated by the same guys who run Singapore Community Radio — is well worth a visit too, and for those music heads who are also into good coffee; definitely check out Nylon Coffee Roasters at Everton Park.

Who are your favourite DJs to see play live and listen to online?

Too many but off the top of my head, Theo Parrish, Antal, Zambon (Balearic Bigos), Lefto, Mad Mats, Hunee, Carista and Jason Palma (Higher Ground Radio show).

Full Track List

1 \\ DTW Intro

2 \\ Guido Manusardi – Neve

3 \\ Stanley Cowell Trio – Miss Viki

4 \\ Ramsey Lewis – Brazilica

5 \\ Larry Bright – Sunbeam

6 \\ Max Graef – Termina ft. Gerry Franke

7 \\ Frank Harris with Marcia Marquez – Canto Del Pilon

8 \\ Butcher Brown – Camden Town

9 \\ The Ultimates – I Just Can’t Stand It

10 \\ Steve Elliot – One More Time

11 \\ L’Eclair – Si O No

12 \\ Jorge Lopez Ruiz – La Ciudad Vacia

13 \\ The Lewis Connection – Higher

14 \\ Emilio Santiago – Vem Menina

15 \\ Richard Reynoso – Muli

16 \\ Dengue Dengue Dengue – Ayani Huni Kuin – Habu Raminibu (Dengue Dengue Dengue & Joutro Mundo version)

17 \\ Cosmic Handshakes – Walkabout

18 \\ Eddy Louiss – Les Elephants

19 \\ Madesya – Kendiri

20 \\ Pas Dadivas – Kaliwaan

21 \\ Harry Case – Midnight Samba

22 \\ Syrius – I’m Stretching Out My Arms

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