Supreme Standards Guest Mix 007 \\ Cykada (Jazz, electronic, hip-hop)

30th May 2019

London six piece Cykada record an exclusive mix for Supreme Standards off the back of their recent self-titled EP; five tracks that are pulsating, rhythmic and quietly epic, lead by the massive track, ‘Dimension Stepper’. 

For this Supreme Standards guest mix, Cykada curate an hour of Jazz – both modern and old skool – alongside distinct electronic and hip-hop selections, launching with John Coltrane’s ‘Dear Lord’ and ending with Polish Jazz group EABS, via Shafiq Husayn, Nick Hakim and Obongjayar.

Cykada are completed by Jamie Benzies (bass), Tim Doyle (drums), Javi Pérez (guitar), James Mollison (saxophone), 
Axel Kaner-Lindstrom (trumpet), Tilé Gigichi-Lipere / (D’vo – Electronics)

Check out the full track list below and read our Q&A with the band’s bassist Jamie Benzies. Catch them at Love Supreme Jazz Festival this Summer

\\ ‘Cykada’ the album is incredibly ear-catching. Did you guys set out for a particular theme or sound when you began writing for it? What are the themes that tie the tracks together, if any?
When we’re writing and hanging out there are many themes and ideas we discuss and even the jokes ones still remain partly in mind as you create the music. But these themes are many and range from something quite lovely to the most ludicrous/heinous/inspired. If there is any overarching theme I would say its life, as always. Music is there to express ourselves and our surroundings, and Cykada is a band where this expression can be very direct as we are not trying to be anything but ourselves. It is just the result of friends sharing each of our perspectives.
\\ Let’s talk about ‘Dimension Stepper’, what a big tune! Tell us about writing this track; what was the first element? Or did it come from a jam?
Yeah it pretty much just came from a jam beginning with Tile and Timmy. Was probably the fastest song to write on the album also.
\\ The artwork to the record is really striking. What’s the story behind it?
The Artwork was created by Mesineto. Its an image that we were considering for a while before it settled. For me personally its a reminder of childhood innocence and simplicity in the waves and under the stars.
Tell us about the selections in your mix. What’s happening for you guys this year?
In our mix we’re gonna share with you some of what we love! This year we have some really nice gigs coming up in the UK and abroad including shows at Glastonbury and around Europe (check our summer gigs listing), We are also hard at work on material for our 2nd album which we hope to record towards the end of this year. It’s early stages are already full of new ideas, it’s gonna be a step up, so people get ready!
Track List: 

1 \\ John Coltrane – Dear Lord

2 \\ Eriksson Kaner – Changed Beings

3 \\ Liv.e – Come in

4 \\ 2255 – Shapeshift

5 \\ Shafiq Husayn – May I Assume feat. Jimetta Rose & Fatima

6 \\ Samiyam – Italy

7 \\ Chiminyo – Kandy Lanx

8 \\ Nick Hakim – Green Twins

9 \\ Ezra Collective – Red Whine

10 \\ Vicente Amigo – Tangos Del Arco

11 \\ Thioune Seck – Mass n’ diaye

12 \\ Obongjayar – Frens

13 \\ Myriad Forest – Witch (live @ Jazz re:freshed)

14 \\ EABS – Leszy

Cykada play Love Supreme Festival this Summer – get tickets

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