Scarlett O’Malley // Guest Mix 009

24th August 2021

Welcome back to the Supreme Standards guest mix series! We are delighted to have Scarlett O’Malley with us for our return, playing a blend of jazz, soul and house. We caught up with her at one of her favourite Soho pubs to get to know her a bit better. Tune in and read on to find out more.

Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Scarlett O’Malley, I am a West London born and bred DJ, presenter, radio station manager and record collector! I have shows on Foundation FM and whynow radio, the latter being the station I also station manage too, and I am also the boss of The Soul Exchange.

You do a lot of things. You’re a DJ, station manager at WhyNow, hold down residencies on Foundation FM and Totally Wired Radio and you run your own project, The Soul Exchange. How do you choose what new projects to take on?
I have recently learnt the word ‘no’ which has been useful as pre-pandemic I was doing it all and got really burnt out. Now I am purely doing what I love most, I’m only doing the gigs I know I’ll enjoy, I am only playing the music I want to play and I am just being a little bit more strategic with what I am doing career wise. I feel like I have finally hit a place where I can think about quality to my career rather than be in quantity mode of needing to build up as much experience as possible.

When did you start discovering music for yourself? What was the first act that you felt you had your own relationship with?
When I was about 9/10 years old my first delve into self-identity was through pop punk! I was a real pop-punk baby, it then went from pop-punk, metal, and ska punk, to ska and reggae, into soul and beyond. I’ve always loved rock n roll, rockabilly, and early jazz too as that’s what I was brought up around, so there it little music I’ve never really gotten deeply into! The first act I felt I had my own relationship comes in two fold, Good Charlotte being the first. They were my first ever gig, my first obsession, and when I say obsessed… I was OBSESSED. And then of course Mr Jackie Wilson, I have loved him since I was a wee nipper and that obsession has never ended. The best voice ever.

Do you plan big schemes in your life, or do you just get your head down and focus on the here and now? If you do plan ahead, what’s on the horizon for you?
I’m ALWAYS thinking ahead, you’ll never catch me in the present, which is a blessing and a curse, because whilst I am happy that I am ambitious, I never really appreciate what I have achieved in the moment. I am getting better at taking count of the accolades as they come in, but there’s still much I want to do. I want to really hone in on my presenting later in the year, I of course one day want to end up on 6Music, which is the ultimate goal! I just want bigger and better gigs, gigs abroad and more and more festivals over the next year. I would also love to start releasing my own music at some point but there is only so many hours in the day you know.

Why is vinyl still important in a DJ set?
I am just truly obsessed with records, don’t know how or why it happened, but I’m buying records every week and I just think it’s important because you never know what gold you’re going to find and unleash onto a dancefloor and that’s part of the fun!

What are the artists/producers you find it hard to get through a set without playing?
Moodymann, Theo Parrish, COEO, Kerri Chandler, Omar…

Can you talk us through what you’re playing in this mix.
I have gone for an hour of me-music. I start off with Winfield Parker ‘I Wanna Be With You’, which is one of the greatest crossover tunes of all time, and then I get into a bit of a soulful, jazzy, disco tip. I had to go in on the jazzy house tip with tunes from the likes of Terrance Parker, Rick Wilhite and of course the late, great Paul Johnson (RIP). Other big hitters in this mix come from the Family of Eve, Dan Shake & Medlar, The Midas Touch, Clarice Yabbe and I end the mix on Sault and The Emotions. I love that jazz can be soul, that jazz can be house and that jazz can be both chill out music and dance music, I really hope I get that across in this mix.

This is a new feature for us here at Supreme Standards that we’ll be asking all of our guest DJ’s, who are your “Supremes?” This can be any three musicians you would like to see work together. Producers, vocalists and instrumentalists who you think would make for a dream collaboration.
Eliza Rose on vocals, Moodymann on production and Kamaal Williams on keys. Eliza is a pal and super talented, we had Kamaal play at our WhyNow radio launch party at the 100 Club and he was insane, and the chance to work with Moodymann is just a big dream of mine!

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