PREMIERE \\ The highly anticipated return of Sydney’s Godtet – listen to ‘Enumerating’

15th May 2019

Godtet premieres his stunning track ‘Enumerating’ on Supreme Standards. 

Buoyant and starry-eyed, ‘Enumerating’ follows Godtet’s debut album, which has been heralded around the world. The brainchild of Australian Instrumentalist and producer Godriguez, Godtet has been praised for his debut record, as well as his production on Sampa the Great‘s ‘The Great Mixtape’. 

Gilles Peterson made an exception to play a tune from Sydney based Godtet on his Melbourne-dedicated show on Worldwide FM recently, whilst House Shoes named it ‘album of the year’. 

It’s with excitement then that Godtet returns with ‘Enumerating’ – the pre-cursor to his second album which is largely improvised. He’s dived back into a live format of production with his band – plus Simon Mavin (Hiatus Kaiyote) and Zeke Ruckman (30/70).

‘Enumerating’ is one of those hard to come by tracks that makes you feel like you’re in a floatation device – perhaps surrounded by playful birds and a pink swirling sky. Its hummed melody is memorable, with effects glistening beneath. It’s a masterful piece of production that provides even more anticipation for the second album, which will be released in July. 

Listen to the premiere of the track right here on Supreme Standards. We also didn’t waste an opportunity to ask Godtet to expand on the track. 

\\ Enumerating is an interesting title; what’s it about? 

It’s from music of the Are’are people who come from the south of the island of Malaita in the Solomon Islands. It is a love song of a young girl who lists, counts and enumerates the attributes of a boy she likes and her feelings for him.

\\ When improvising the record, did you find it intimidating, opposed to having something planned? Did you have any preparation methods to get you in the right creative frame of mind? 

No. Improvising is our modus operandi. It’s how we are used to playing. Definitely our favourite method, the magic of improvisation brings something unique to that moment that no amount of composing could bring. That said there is magic to be found in composition too, that no amount of improvisation could bring – good is good. We’re just definitely more on the improv side of things.

\\ What’s the journey been between the first record and this one? 

Growth! As a unit, as individuals, as friends. The organic concept of the band has lent itself to the constant morphing with core goals of refining our sound to get closer to what we all sound like as a unit. We are made up of friends who are essentially different individuals. 

\\ Finally tell us about your plans for this year. Are you hitting the UK? 
Next year in May! So exited. The UK has been cranking it so much recently so we’re really keen to show what we’ve been cooking here down under.

‘Enumerating’ releases digitally Friday 24 May with the full LP due in July

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