New Sound 21 \\ Finnish titans Timo Lassy & Teppo Mäkynen release their debut as a duo

8th July 2019
Timo Lassy & Teppo Mäkynen are two titans on Finland’s Jazz scene 

The self-titled album from Finnish saxophonist Timo Lassy and drummer Teppo Mäkynen is the first record they’ve released as a duo. Having worked together on various projects previously – somewhat echoing the story of Binker and Moses – the artists felt compelled to create a body of work based on their primary instruments only. 

Four to the floor hitters showcase the artists love for electronic music – check out ‘Dark Cyan – whilst tunes such as ‘Heliotrope’ give us a moment of hypnosis. Across the album’s 13 tracks, Timo Lassy and drummer Teppo Mäkynen give us a diverse collection of songs that show the flair and creativity they hold as both performers and writers. 

We talk to Timo Lassy to mark the release of the debut self-titled collaboration. 

\\ You’ve been collaborating for 10 years. Why was the time now for you to create your first record together? 
Actually we met first time in mid 90s through music studies. The first “real” band where we played together was Teddy Rok Seven in 2003, a project led by Teppo. After that there’s been Five Corners Quintet, Jo Stance, Timo Lassy Band… After sharing such a long friendship and development as musicians it was time to join forces as a duo. 


\\ Which track on the album came to you most naturally? And which took the most work? 
‘Goldenrod’ came out easily. This kind of sound and style is very natural for both of us… pure old school Jazz. ‘Heliotrope’ took most of work because there is more ”production” compared to the other songs. 


\\ Is there a theme that runs through the album? 
Friendship, and taking directions from the moment are the key elements here. One bigger idea was to keep the length of the tracks around three minutes. The album is a journey to find different sounds from our instrumentation and move from acoustic to electric sound as the album goes on. 


\\ Tell us about the Finnish Jazz scene; who else should we be listening to? 
There´s so much different stuff coming out from Finland under the label of Jazz, will be hard to say if there’s a certain sound that’s Finnish. But you should check out for example: Verneri Pohjola, Dalindèo, Mikko Innanen, Aki Rissanen Trio and Jukka Eskola


\\ What’s the rest of 2019 looking like for you both? 
We will be playing some duo concerts in Finland now and we’re looking for possibilities to tour internationally as well. Also both our own projects (3TM, Timo LassyBand) are keeping us busy with new releases later this year.


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