New Sound 011 \\ Bringing vision to sound: Kayla Painter

29th April 2019

The music of Bristol based electronic artist Kayla Painter is a vision.

Bringing her music to life with AV visuals, Former Future Bubbler Kayla Painter uses AV presents a 360 experience when performing live, allowing us to see the images that come to her mind when she makes music. What results is a truly mesmeric, multi-layered sensory experience. 

To mark the release of her double single ‘Pack Your Bivouac’/’Into the Forest’ – and to spotlight her upcoming show at Five Miles with Szun Waves on 29 May – we get to better know the creative mind of Kayla Painter. 

\\ Tell us about the new singles? Is there a theme behind them?

I’m working on releasing singles that showcase two contrasting sides to my production. So with this release I had ‘Pack Your Bivouac’ being upbeat, bright and energetic (but still with a melancholic undertone), and ‘Through the Forest’ which is more ambient and meandering. This release, and in fact the next one too, are a lot to do with being outdoors. It’s vaguely about getting out into nature and escaping everything we’ve built in urban areas.

\\ You’ve worked with Future Bubblers, tell us about how they mentored you in your career?

The Future Bubblers team, the mentors, and other bubblers have been really amazing. Being part of a wider family and network with an amazing bunch of musicians, creatives and music business minded folk has been so beneficial to me. They’ve given me opportunities like attending industry talks, Ableton one-to-ones, performing at sold out shows, it really is an excellent program to be a part of. I have found it really helpful, it’s great having people there you can call on when you get stuck not knowing what the right way to do something is, or when you need general advice about something like releasing music, or just someone that can make you feel less insane in what is – evidently – an insane industry to try and work and survive in.

\\ The AV side of your music performances is fascinating; how did this become a part of your aesthetic?

I’ve always been very visually driven when I write music. A lot of the time when writing music, I think visually. So the visuals were a part of my live set from early on. However, it wasn’t until Jason Baker came on board that the AV show expanded to be what it is today, which is crafted bespoke visuals that have been created for the sole purpose of complimenting and partnering with the soundscapes. Jason and I share a lot of images and talk about the aesthetic constantly, we are always suggesting ideas to each other, responding to those ideas and trying new things.

\\ You’re based in Bristol; tell us about the scene there right now?

The scene in Bristol is buzzing, it feels like there is so much new talent coming up all the time. We are lucky in that a lot of genres are represented across Bristol events and promoters. We lost a few live venues recently which always concerns people on the circuit, but it seems that when a space gets shut down, someone finds a way to carve something out in a new space. The improvisation scene is big here, there are several DIY improv nights that happen weekly, and for me, that’s a really healthy part of the scene, pushing the boundaries, experimenting and meeting new people.

\\ We’re excited for you to play at Five Mies in May! What will the vibe of your set be?

I’m really excited to come and play! I’ve got a handful of new tracks that i’m going to play, two of which are unreleased so I’m still working out how I’m going to play those. I’ll be interested to see how they go down! I’m also really hyped to bring the new visuals, Jason (who creates all the visuals himself) and I have been working on a new set over the past few months so it’ll be one of the first times that gets played out in public. The aesthetic has morphed from what we were doing last year, it feels fresh and modern, inspired by a lot of current films and trends. I don’t want to give too much away but I think people will be mesmerised!

Kayla Painter joins Szun Waves at Five Miles on 29 May

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