New Sound 027 \\ Sharky is back with ‘Fruit’, a zesty slow-groover.

12th August 2019
Solo artist Sharky reveals a zesty new EP

Avant-soul artist Sharky has dropped her wildly likeable single ‘Fruit’, accompanied by an EP of the same name out this week. The 28 year old teamed up with Todd and Guy Speakman of production duo Speakman Sound for this collection of tracks, which were inspired by vocalists including Nai Palm and Janet Jackson, as well as surrealists artists like Dorothea Tanning

In the video for ‘Fruit’, Sharky gives us another taste of her sugary vocals and penchant for writing catchy pop-ish melodies; the leading single is a deep, slow groove. We talk to Sharky to find out a little bit more about the coming EP. 

\\ The subject matter for Fruit has an inspiration point. Can you tell us about the moment that inspired it, and about the process of turning that moment into a track?

I was visiting Chefchaouen in Morocco, capturing soundscapes and enjoying the environment. We have used a recording from a market in the opening of the track. I saw a stall selling sugary treats. Behind the glass display cabinet, there were hundreds of wasps trapped and eating themselves to a sugary death, whilst other wasps were trying to get in. This image fascinated me, I kept looping the town all day to come back to the same spot and see what had happened to them. When I got home I wrote about it.

\\ Tell us about the vocalists that inspire your style 

I love Janet Jackson; her album ‘Design of a Decade’ came out when I was five and I was hooked from day dot. It was a key reference point when starting to make Sharky music, her block harmonies are a staple… they’re patterned into my brain. 

PJ Harvey has inspired me always. Her last two albums had strong compelling concepts, I start a lot of my songs on autoharp which I was given after heavily rotating her album ‘Let England Shake’ in 2011. Nai Palm teaches me to be playful, and Stevie Nicks to be true… I listen to them when searching for a bump in energy and confidence.

\\ Your love of surrealists artists Dorothea Tanning and Leonora Carrington carry some influences for the record’s visuals; are there any artists that inspire your creativity in other ways?

I always look to visual art for inspiration for writing. I usually make folders of art that strike me, artists and photographers like John Divola, Juno Calypso, Maja D’Aoust, Clémentine Schneidermann and Charlotte James (Bleak Fabulous) and so many of the photographers in National Geographic. I set an image in front of me connect it to a voice recording I have roughly made, marry the two and see what happens.

\\ What’s coming up?

I have a headline show on 11 September at The Victoria in Dalston and I’m prepping a second EP which I would love to put out the end of this year… and delving into a load more ideas towards an album. 

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