New Sound 024 \\ Ambient guitar and drums duo Voyager II are onto something

22nd July 2019
London duo Voyager II connect the dots between organic instrumentation and electronics. 

Guitarist Eamon Foreman and drummer Sergiu Fanica formed Voyager II after meeting through another musician. Drawing on their experiences in London’s experimental music circles, they create music that is ambient at times and more direct at others. Released earlier this year, ‘Falling’ plays with distant vocals to create a twinkling atmosphere, whilst ‘Horizon’ plays with layers and textures. 

Currently, Voyager II are working toward their debut EP. We talk to Eamon to find out more about what’s to come. 

\\ Voyager II create a lot of textures for just two people; tell us about how you met and how you experimented to find your sound?
We met through the experimental, improvised scene in London. Sergiu was looking for some musicians to start a free-jazz project, and after putting an ad out on Gumtree, he hooked up with a sax player, Martin Clarke, who  was in fact already a friend of mine. One day Martin brought me along to a session, and we just clicked! We started playing together a lot from then on. 
That was about two years ago, and since then we have spent a lot of time developing our sound [as a duo]. Both of us connected over a shared love of improvisation, Jazz and electronic music, and it has been our aim to join these styles together in Voyager II. Over time we’ve brought in different bits of gear, like samplers and loopers, and developed different techniques of playing our instruments to achieve this vision. 

\\ What’s the concept behind ‘Falling’?
The majority of our music is centred around the notion that music can heal, and provide a form of sustenance to both musicians and listeners. This particular piece was named ‘Falling’ because it felt, to us, like falling through space and arriving at another world…

\\ How do you write; do you jam or focus on composition?
For us, jamming and composing are intertwined; the majority of material we make comes from jam sessions, and most of the time we arrive at the main idea or piece in one improvisation. After this, it’s a case of refining and adding more sounds from samplers and other instruments until it’s complete.
\\ What’s coming up for you guys this year?
At the moment, our main aim is to get all the material we’ve been working on recorded and ready to release. We’re currently in the process of applying for funding to record an EP, so fingers crossed! 


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