New Sound 021 \\ Jazz inspired Singer-Songwriter Sans Soucis

1st July 2019
Sans Soucis is the project of Giulia Grispino, whose new EP is beautifully sparse and dreamy. 

Italo-Congolese Sans Soucis is a vocalist, guitarist and composer based in London. Having gigged with a wider collective called Sans Soucis Experience, Giulia has stripped back for her EP ‘The Lover’, a four track delivery of poetic words and jazz-ish sentiments. 

The EP’s title track is a contemplative tune that begins sweetly; “I bet you’ve never seen, he was a sculpture, the artist and the scene, he was the weather”. Closing track ‘Amami’ is a gentle Bossa nova, delicately accented with finger clicks and plucked chords. A multi-lingual EP with delicate vocal arrangements and moving lyrics, Sans Soucis’ ‘The Lover’ is much more than what first meets the ear. In fact, it’s a lesson on how to have a “unique take on loving ourselves”…

We talk to Sans Soucis to get a better feel of the EP, which is out now. 

\\ What’s the story about the name, Sans Soucis?

Sans Soucis is the nickname my Congolese grandmother gave me when I was a child. It literally means “no worries’. She used to refer to me with this nickname because she believed I was fearless, carefree and joyful regardless of the environment I was placed in. I decided to keep Sans Soucis close to my image as an artist because that’s what I’m working towards everyday. In facts, my songwriting is heavily based on this attitude towards life.


\\ Tell us about the themes behind this EP?

This EP is a journey of self love. I wrote it over the past six months and it wasn’t really part of my plans. I was struggling with mental and physical health and found the inspiration to write something that sounded so authentic in this time of my life that somehow it couldn’t wait any longer to be released.

I started a pathway of self-love and forgiveness that lead me to analyse past experiences that shaped me into the person I am today and certainly – thanks to this research – I was able to see who taught me how to love and consequently love myself; my Italian grandparents (who parented me and my sister for the first years of our upbringing), to whom I also dedicate this release.

The understanding of unconditional love was for me the starting ground to fight self-loathing and I served myself with music in order to deliver my story and hopefully inspire others in finding their unique take on loving themselves.


\\ It’s slightly more sparse and vocals orientated than what we’ve heard from you previously. Would you agree? If so, could you tell us what inspired this direction?

Yes, definitely, the production of this EP is more sparse. I really wanted to make a statement and put under the spotlight some of what I consider my strengths as an artist, my songwriting, my voice and my guitar playing. I grew more and more inspired by artists such as Fatoumata Diawara, Jordan Rakei, Lianne La Havas, Laura Mvula, who are all incredible producers and musical directors in their own artist projects. Uplifted by their work, I matured the feeling that I was ready to deliver confidently what I’m able to envision musically and artistically, laying down the foundations of an exciting journey not only as a singer-songwriter but also as a producer.


\\ Tell us about your favourite lyric on the release.

I definitely think ‘Unchain’ is my favourite track on the EP, especially when it goes “my 20 years of universe, captured in the need to regenerate my strength in boldness”, which basically sums who I am. I try to push myself everyday out of my confort-zone because I believe it is an extremely healthy way to educate ourselves to be fearless, inevitably giving us a thicker skin over time. I find it refreshing and it really keeps my curiosity alive when it comes to discovering where I want to expand as an artist and a human being.


\\ What’s coming up for you in the rest of 2019?

It feels like 2019 is a very exciting time! I’m recording some new music and releasing it over the summer. I’m also playing at Innervisions Festival, supporting a great gem of the UK Soul/R&B scene, Joel Culpepper and I’m having my headline show on the 9th of June at Servant Jazz Quarters (Dalston Junction).

I’m really looking forward to performing ‘The Lover’ live. I’m gonna be joined by my band, after a year of solo performances, and I’m sure it’s gonna be a very special night!

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