New Sound 020 \\ After touring with Bonobo, producer Catching Flies reveals his debut album

24th June 2019
The debut album is about to land from Catching Flies.

Catching Flies’ first break was a big one; supporting Bonobo on tour. With that kind of initiation early on in his career, only good things could follow. Five years later, the producer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ is back with debut album ‘Silver Linings’.

The record is an uplifting collection of spacious beat-lead tracks, with electronica, Jazz and house influences taking the fore. The album’s title track shows how far Catching Flies has come as a maker of songs, whilst the lighthearted melody of ‘Yu’ has us catching feels rather than flies.

Before Catching Flies releases ‘Silver Linings’ on 5 July, we take some time with him to talk about the origins of the record. 

\\ What’s the story behind the name, Catching Flies?

There isn’t one unfortunately… I needed a name!

\\ You signed with a label a little while back against your instincts. Can you tell us about the liberation you’ve felt creatively since being independent again?

The label model just didn’t work for me – and didn’t really make sense, both financially and creatively. It’s so easy now to release your own music. It’s been great – it means I can put out what I want, when I want. It feels more honest and less contrived, and that’s had a huge effect on my writing process… I no longer second guess things, or have to answer to an A&R who has a different idea about what I want to do and where I want to go than I do. It just feels more natural and organic this way.

\\ You’ve been touring with Bonobo; did this experience have an effect on your writing?

Yeah, definitely. I first toured with him on his North Borders album tour in 2014. They were actually the first live shows I had ever done – so it was a bit of a baptism of fire but also such an amazing opportunity. You quite quickly realise what works in a live environment and what doesn’t – which you can only do through playing shows. So I realised that I needed some more uptempo tunes to get people moving… ‘Mama’s Wisdom’ was actually written on that tour – on the Eurostar to Paris. The live show has developed a lot since then and it’s constantly evolving.

\\ You wanted to create something positive and hopeful with this new record, how did you prepare yourself to do this?

It wasn’t so much that I had to prepare myself – I was just feeling that way. The last few years have been so eventful and colourful – touring in places like China, India, the US. I’ve travelled to places I’d never dreamed of playing in and soaked up culture, experiences, new music. So I wanted to reflect all of this as much of possible in the record.

Pre-order ‘Silver Linings’ by Catching Flies on Bandcamp

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