New Sound 016 \\ Italian pianist Maria Chiara Argirò (Kinkajous, Rosie Turton) goes electronic

29th May 2019
Italian pianist and composer Maria Chiara Argirò is about to reveal her second album, ‘Hidden Seas’. 
Inspired by the electronic direction of London’s Jazz scene – Maria plays with Kinkajous, Rosie Turton and Liran Donin’s 1000 Boats – this second record departs from the traditional vibe of her 2016 debut ‘The Fall Dance’. Instead, Maria turns to synths to explore her album’s nautical concept. Introducing vocals for the first time into her music with the help of singer Leila Martial, Maria shares her single ‘Nautilus’, a beautiful, ebbing and flowing track. 

Completing the band behind Maria is Sam Rapley (Sax/Clarinet), Tal Janes (Guitar/Effects), Andrea Di Biase (Double Bass) and Gaspar Sena (Drums).

Ahead of the release of ‘Hidden Seas’, listen to Maria Chiara Argirò’s glittering tune ‘Nautilus’ and check out our interview with the musician below. 

\\ What is the meaning behind ‘Nautilus’?

‘Nautilus’ is inspired by Jules Verne’s novel ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea’. I had the title down even before I started writing the tune. I tried to imagine what it would feel like to be inside a submarine, exploring all the possible layers, colours and sounds of the sea.

\\ The single has a slightly broader soundscape then what we’ve heard from you before – what inspired you to move more into an electronic direction?

I’ve been listening to loads of electronic music for a long time now, so I suppose it came naturally to me to make a move into that direction, and I’m willing to explore it further. Loads of bands I’m playing with are also branching out into that field (Kinkajous and Rosie Turton to name a few), so I suppose it’s something that is naturally happening in London at the moment.

\\ How do your songs begin? Is it a jam on the piano, or maybe a song you hear in your head that you bring to life?

For this particular record, each song has been growing in my head before actually jamming it on piano or synths.
I sort of had an image, sometimes blurry, other times really clear, of each song. I jot the titles down to wander around them with my imagination first.

\\ You have a new album on the way, how does it move on from your previous, debut record?

This new album is much more produced, I spent many days mixing it and trying to nail all the details of what was the original idea in terms of sounds and production. I’m very excited to share it; how it sounds at the end of the mixing process has been a surprise also for me. There are electronics, synths and lyrics which is something I never explored as much before. I’m really open to further exploring electronics and songwriting in the future.

\\ Tell us what you can about ‘Hidden Seas’; are there any themes throughout? Can we pop a date on it?

The album is a concept album exploring the sea-theme. Each song represents a story about this subject, either imagined or inspired by real life stories. It’s going to be out in the autumn on Cavalo Records.

The tracks we can’t wait to hear live at Love Supreme Jazz Festival this Summer

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