NEW MUSIC \\ Flofilz drops Jazz-ish hip-hop track ‘Camberwell’ ft Alfa Mist

28th May 2019

German beat maker FloFilz has collaborated with pianist Alfa Mist on new track ‘Camberwell’. 

Named after the South-East London town, ‘Camberwell’ is the next taster from FloFilz forthcoming album ‘Transit’ which drops 14 June. Flofilz’ nostalgic sense of hip-hop on this track is supported by Alfa Mist’s complimentary riffing, creating a melancholic track that soundtracks the multi-cultured town and its estates. 

‘Transit’ is Flo’s third album, which is hugely inspired any the UK jazz and hip-hop scene. Expect more cameos on the album from Barney Artist, Biig Piig and K, Le Maestro.

Pre-order ‘Transit’ on Bandcamp 

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