Love Supreme artists pick their favourite acts on this year’s festival line-up

12th June 2019
Love Supreme Jazz Festival is less than a month away.

The artists on the line-up are a tight community – we asked some of the billed musicians to tell us who’ll they’ll be watching at the festival, and recommend us to do the same.

GoGo Penguin pick The Cinematic Orchestra
For me, the first two Cinematic Orchestra albums were on heavy rotation throughout the 2000s. The blend of Jazz instrumentation and samples from old Jazz records on both ‘Motion’ and ‘Everyday’ were a go-to soundtrack during so many events around this time. The first incarnation of the live band also had a lot of Manchester based Jazz musicians involved such as pianist John Ellis and drummer Luke Flowers who’s still performing with the band. Definitely worth checking out. 


Carli of Steam Down picks Fieh
If it were up to me, I’d pick Fieh. I haven’t seen them live myself, but I’ve been following them for a while and their live shows seem to be super engaging and full of vibes. I’ve always found Scandinavian neo-soul and R&B quite interesting and Fieh are no exception to this. They come complete with choreography, amazing outfits, and the grooviest tunes. The playfulness of their singles ‘Brain’ and ’25’ reel you in and don’t let go – it would be a treat to see them live! 


Check out the full Love Supreme Jazz Festival line-up

30/70 pick… a lot of great acts

Well Lauryn Hill is an obvious one, I caught her in Melbourne a couple months back and it was incredible! But definitely don’t miss Sampa The Great, she is absolutely killing it!! Or The Teskey Brothers – two incredible bands that we’ve had the pleasure of playing alongside. And oh my lord I love Chip Wickham more than anyone else I’ve ever met! Do not miss this guy… his playing and personality is a beam of love and light!!


Cassie Kinoshi (SEED Ensemble) picks Rosie Turton
Rosie Turton is one of my favourite trombonists from the British Jazz community and it is always a joy to hear her perform, work with her and add her voice to interesting soundworlds. Her latest release featured some really great compositions.



Chip Wickham and Rosie Turton pick 30/70
Rosie Turton: I’m looking forward to seeing 30/70. Have been following them for a while now and love the album, so will be great to finally see them live!
Chip Wickham: Definitely 30/70. Mighty Melbourne! It’s a buzzing place for music and I’ve been lucky enough to work with a few bands from Melbourne, so I’m always keen to know what’s coming out their scene. These guys are great and I really want to see them live as they have the wonderful Allysha Joy singing. She is just amazing live and definitely one to check out amongst the chaos of such a big festival line-up! 

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