LISTEN \\ Have you heard the incredible new folk-rap album from Fémina?

10th April 2019

‘Perlas & Conchas’ by Fémina is one of the most unique albums you’ll hear in 2019. 

The Argentina trio have just released their third album which fuses unlikely combinations of folk, rap, hip-hop and latin music – it even features an appearance from Iggy Pop on the track ‘Resist’. More electronic than their previous albums, it was produced by Quantic, who made this the first record to be produced at his new Selva Studios in New York. 

Members Clara Miglioli and the two Trucco sisters, Sofia and Clara, create luscious dream-pop harmonies that are catchy and rewarding for repeat listeners. 

Check out ‘Perlas & Conchas’ on Bandcamp, out now. 

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