Supreme Standards Guest Mix \\ Emerging Manchester star, Layfullstop

23rd August 2019
Layfullstop is on a roll. Period. 

Manchester-based rapper LayFullStop is emerging from one of the brightest spotlights in the North. Recently dropping ‘Cherries’ – a song that sees her discoveries in femininity coming into fruition – she’s further established herself as a straight-talking, truth-dropping artist. 

Of the track, she said: “’Cherries’ is about being aware of the type of fruits we produce as people, but it also sheds a light on the new seed of femininity that’s growing within me and me embracing it”. 

Excited by Layfullstop’s style and taste, we asked her to put together a one hour mix. Check it out below, as well as a little Q&A we did with the rising star, too. 

\\ There are themes of your “new found femininity” in your video for Cherries, can you talk us through your realisations and how it inspired ‘Cherries’?
‘Cherries’ is a representation of me blossoming into the woman I’m becoming. I feel like I’ve done a full circle, being feminine, being boisterous, working it out, to letting my feminine tenancies develop into this space that I’m in now. I have no doubt that I’ll keep evolving,L but I wanted to create something concrete that would go beyond the music and document this stage.
\\ Tell us about some of the artists that inspire you to be the most “you” that you can. 
I enjoy eclectic/alternative artists that either have a message, stance or are unapologetically themselves. Some of those include Esperanza SpaldingErykah Badu, Marsha Ambrosious, Mos Def etc..I feel like these artists have learnt what it means to go outside the box and be different, starting with who they are as a person, leading to who they are as a musician/artist. There’s so much more to this concept that I can’t wait to show everyone. I’m all about creating an experience, not just the music – I feel like this is just the beginning. 
\\ Can you talk us through the concept/selections in your mix?

The mix is a mixture of modern and old school hip hop, Soul and Jazz. I wanted to go on a time travel of the way these genres of music have evolved and taste the similarities and differences between the eras. Some are quite nostalgic, some are quite new age, both give me feelings of majestic

timelessness and longevity.

Track List

Saba – Photosynthesis

Mos Def – Got

Matt Martians – Down

Jhene Aiko – My Name

Marsha Ambrosius – Let Out

Blue Lab Beats – Tea

No Name – Montego Bale

India Arie – Timeless

Esperanza Spalding – Judas

Lupe Fiasco – Paris Tokyo

Robert Glasper – Ah Yeah ft. Chrisette Michelle & Music Soul Child

Nad – Cherry W ine ft. Amy Winehouse


Syd The Kid – Amazing

Solange – Almeida

Tyler The Creator – Treehouse ft. Erykah Badu

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