VIDEO PREMIERE \\ Melbourne hit maker Laneous reveals the video for ‘Hold My Hand’

19th June 2019
Laneous reveals the video for his catchy hit, ‘Hold My Hand’ exclusively on Supreme Standards

Brisbane raised Laneous has been an anchor in Melbourne’s DIY music scene. With two bands before his solo venture, groove-heavy The Family Yah and the soulful, Afro Cuban jazz inspired Kafka, it’s time for him to step out.

Laneous has had a bigger impact on Melbourne’s music scene then many would know; his falsetto trilling and neo-soul leanings have inspired artists from Jordan Rakei to Hiatus Kaiyote. In fact, the latter’s two albums, ‘Tawk Tomahawk’ and ‘Choose Your Weapon’, sees all kinds of contributions from Laneous, from the music to the album sleeve designs – although Laneous used a pseudonym for this activity, Nai Palm has referred to him as “a genius”. 

Now, two years into his musical career, it’s time for Laneous’ solo debut ‘Monstera Deliciosa’ on Soul Has No Tempo. It’s fronted by the fun video for ‘Hold My Hand’, which playfully brings the concept of the song to life with vivid gloved hands. 

We had a chat with Laneous to find out more about the track and upcoming album. 

‘Hold My Hand’ is such a loveable tune. Can you tell us how the song came to be?

Thank you! ‘Hold My Hand’ is basically about wanting your partner to have your back, love you for who you are, in whatever state you’re in. It came to be by not feeling supported by someone when we were together. Boohoo.

The video is based on an experience not too far removed from real life, even though you enter a vault of hands…. Please indulge us about this story!

The video actually came to life through the vision of co-director, Bernadette Murray. She was instrumental in turning that metaphor into a visual feast, spending countless hours animating the vault of hands. She led the project along with WILK, who was also the photographer for the ‘Monstera Deliciosa’ album cover and gatefold of the vinyl record.

We’re so excited about ‘Sunny Side Up’ coming out on Brownswood; tell us about recording your tune, ‘Nice To See You’? How did you approach your contribution to the album?

I went into the studio intentionally with nothing except Don Stewart (horns) and Nick Martyn (drums) booked. The beds were made on the fly with the main inspiration being that those two were coming in, so made sure they had enough space to get busy. I laid the vocals a few days later, inspired by remembering seeing a cute friend when I was drunk one time. It all happened smooth cos’ Don Stewart, Nick Martyn and Nick Herrera are the best.

Tell us what’s happening in 2019.

Music, music, music. Always music. Hopefully do the music that makes the money so I can survive to do more music. I have a huge list of collabs to get around to, a bit of punk and a few rude boy albums, time permitting, and also finishing off ‘Monstera Deliciosa 2’, which is already underway. Not enough hours in the day goddamit.

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