Fémina bring their incredible harmonies to the UK for their debut London appearance

11th June 2019
Fémina have opened the doors to a lot of music fans to discover latin music for the first time. 

Not easily categorised though, Fémina, made up of Clara Miglioli and the two Trucco sisters, Sofia and Clara, drew inspiration from 90s American hip-hop as much as the music that was local to them in San Martín de los Andes in the Patagonian mountains. In fact, the band’s inspirations are pretty widespread, drawing creativity from surrealist poetry through to the work of 19th century essayist Henry David Thoreau. 

Fémina have developed a unique style with their incredible harmonies, catchy melodies and their folk-rap way of singing. On their most recent album, ‘Perlas and Conchas’, they take an electronic step, teaming up with Quantic who produced the album in his brand new New York studio. 

With hugely likeable leading tracks like ‘Brillando’, ‘Arriba’ and ‘Resist ft Iggy Pop’, Fémina have earned themselves more loyal fans with their third album. 

Off the back of the album’s buzz, Fémina hit the UK for their first ever live show in London. They’ll perform at Rich Mix on 20 June. We talk to Clara ahead of the special day. 

\\ Femina write incredible melodies and harmonies; how do you begin when writing?

Thank you!! We love to write the songs together, make a mix of our three creative minds. We all speak the same poetic language and I think that when all three of us work together on a track the results are much stronger than working on it separately. 

\\ Tell us how you bonded musically with Iggy Pop and Quantic?

We had Quantic in mind as a dream producer. We needed someone who could see what we were working on with the lyrics and harmonies and bring out the best in us with different beats and melodies. We ended up playing together by chance at a show in Seattle and hit it off. It was serendipity that once we got to talking, his manager proposed that Will produce our new album — as if the universe had heard our wish. From there we started the discussion that ended up leading us to record in Selva Studio. He was building it in Brooklyn at the time when we were on tour the following Summer in the US. 

Iggy found us by chance on Soundcloud and ended up playing one of our tracks on his BBC radio show, and that’s where a very beautiful music relationship began. We ended up getting in touch with him and he invited us to his home in Miami when we were in the US on tour. Since we were recording our album on that same tour, we asked him if he wanted to participate on a track and he said that he would love to. We are so grateful to him and admire his generosity not only with us, but in always supporting new artists.

\\ How have each of you grown with ‘Perlas and Conchas’, compared to the previous album?

I think it’s a very mature album. We feel really happy with all the songs, even though it was challenging for us to make. The lyrics and the harmonies are very powerful and meaningful for us. Putting our voices and creativity all together is beautiful, since this was the first time we sang and recorded the whole album together, which wasn’t the case on the previous albums. It’s my favorite album of the three we have released. 

\\ You’re coming to London for the first time! Are you listening to any UK artists right now?

Yes!! We are so happy, to go to London for the first time is a dream. We love Tom Misch, it’s our dream to meet him and make a song with him!! 

Femina play London for the first time at Rich Mix on 20 June

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