Album of the Week \\ Socially conscious London Afrobeat Collective reveal ‘Humans’

25th October 2019
‘Humans’ is a fitting name for an album that marks the welcome return of London Afrobeat Collective

LAC, whose members come from England, Congo, Italy, France, Argentina and New Zealand, confront feminism, climate change and the human condition throughout their new record. 

Afrobeat has always carried a torchlight for social and political change, and LAC continue to take the path opened up to them by pioneer Fela KutiFunk, Jazz, Rock, and Dub influences also add to the pot on this record. Arrangements are tight, and the compositions celebrate afrobeat with a modern outlook. 

Vocalist Juanita Euka balances catchy melodies with socially conscious lyrics, especially in ‘Prime Resources’; “Nobody cares, you’re taking things and not giving it, all these recourses are leaving nothing left, you’ll find you’ve got blood on your hands“.

Leading single ‘Power to the Women’ is a roaring instrumental track, until four minutes in, when Juanita is supported by a chorus of male voices that push forward the track’s title. The psych-inspired ‘They Come They Go’ is a dance floor groover which shows that LAC can more than hold a listener when the pace is turned down. 

London Afrobeat Collective are a widely celebrate live band, whether playing their home town or performing in front of ten thousand people at the New Afrika Shrine during ‘Felebration’. On record, the warmth and fullness of their sound carry true, keeping you company until the chance to see them live comes around. Be sure to check out the artwork for the new release, too – it’s by Ben Hito, renowned for his designs for Parliament / Funkadelic. A worthy album for any afrobeat fan. 

‘Humans’ by London Afrobeat Collective is released on 25 October

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