WATCH \\ Interview: Skinny Pelembe on touring and new music, at Love Supreme

12th July 2019
Skinny Pelembe talked to Tina Edwards at Love Supreme Jazz Festival this Summer. 

Talking to Supreme Standards after coming straight from his set, Skinny Pelembe talks about his UK tour, the success of his album ‘Dreaming Is Dead Now’, and gives us a heads up about his next album, set for release in 2020. 

Of his most recent album, ‘Dreaming is Dead Now’, Skinny Pelembe said: “I’m really happy with how it’s been, I always thought it would slide in through the back door, nobody really knows, and then it becomes a bit of a grower. I think that’s what it’s doing, but we’ve had some proper love from BBC 6music and people”. 

Skinny Pelembe also gave us a heads up to his next record, saying that it will be “written by January”. 

Watch the interview below. 

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