Q&A \\ Two minutes with the man who plays everything, Jowee Omicil

15th January 2019

‘Love Matters!’ is a portrait in motion according to Jowee Omicil. Having moved on from Montreal to Paris via his time in the band RH Factor – with the late great bandleader Roy Hargrove – Omicil presents an album that draws on a dynamic collection of inspiration. Haitian Rara, Gospel and Bach feeds into ‘Love Matters!’ as much as Jazz, funk and Jamaican rhythms. Throughout this packed out album, Omicil alternated between saxophones, clarinets, cornets, flutes and a Rhodes piano. The tracks weave between dance-worthy, contemplative and celebratory. 

We took out two minutes with the artist to get to know him in the hot trail of ‘Love Matters!’. 

\\ You have such a wide reference pool of inspiration; how conscious were you of these influences when writing the record? 
The influences are part of my DNA (Canadian/Haitian) and also part of my journey so far (many sounds). Most of the time I try to let these spirits guide me during the recording sessions. Which is not easy to do, one must surrender totally and humbly. 
\\ Tell us about the first track that you wrote for this record? 
“Mendé LoLo ” is a mixture of Carnival rhythm components from the Caribbeans and Africa. I dedicated this track to Hugh Masekela – an unbelievable composer/activist that influenced many. ‘Mendé’ in Kreyol means: “to ask” and ‘LoLo’ means “love”.  Here you got it; we are asking for love in the streets of the world. it’s a global movement.

\\ You’re now based in Paris. What is it about the city that inspires you?
I am a citizen of the World, I don’t reside anywhere, most of my time is in Musical labs. I signed with JaZz Village/Pias records recently so the city has inspired me tremendously because of the numerous nations that lives here! You can be in India while in Paris if you know where to go. I Love the “New Morning” venue, so far in Paris that’s the multicultural place to visit. 
\\ How does 2019 look for you? 
2019 is looking Wonderful ! So much in the making and I can’t wait for “This is The BasH!” the movie documentary to come out.

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