Total Refreshment Centre’s closing party brings hope

30th October 2018

Total Refreshment Centre, a venue and cultural hub set in what was previously a Jamaican social club, has become legendary in its six years. Its reign was brought to an end in June of this year, when Hackney Council issued the site with a notice of closure.

The momentum of London’s impossible-to-define Jazz scene has been rippling across oceans and continents. Whilst initiatives like Tomorrow’s Warriors and Jazz re:freshed have nurtured musicians, Total Refreshment Centre gave them a place to blossom. For Jazz, TRC has been what the The Haçienda was to Manchester’s house scene. 

Inspiring, memorable shows included Alabaster De Plume’s Peach series, CHICAGOxLONDON and numerous performances from underground heroes and flourishing new talent. 

This weekend (27/28 October), Hackney Council gave permissions for owner Lexus Blondin to re-open Total Refreshment Centre. On Sunday night, Blondin selected Pharaoh Sander’s ‘You’ve Got To Have Freedom’ as his closing track, following a short speech. 

“This is the wrap party I was hoping for and dreaming for”, said Blondin. “We need to do this again. One thing to remember is… this is just walls, you know? Look at this [tapping the wall]. There’s nothing…. there’s no vibe with this, no vibe you know — this is us. This is all of us around the room”. 

Watch the full speech here: 

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