Tel Aviv’s Time Grove reveal exclusive live video for ‘Roy the King’

9th January 2019

The musical bond between London and Tel Aviv is tightened further with Time Grove, the Israeli based duo who are about to release their debut album, ‘More Than One Thing’,  via British label Wah Wah 45s. 

Time Grove is loosely a collective, with two artists at its core; acclaimed pianist Nitai Hershkovits — an artist also recognised for playing with Avashai Cohen — and Yuvi, who recently signed with Stones Throw under his Rejoicer moniker. Time Grove have revealed two tracks from their upcoming album; ‘Sir Blunt’ and ‘Roy the King’, both which transport animated energies which intensify throughout.

The full line-up includes reed player Eyal Talmudi, drummers Roy Chen, Amir Bresler and Sol Monk, keyboardist Bemet, trumpeter Sefi Zisling, and guitarist Yonatan Albalak.

To mark the approaching album, Supreme Standards are revealing an exclusive video of Time Grove performing ‘Roy the King’ live in the studio. A more ferocious partner to its B side (the two singles are out now on a 45 inch), it trickles with military drum rolls, whilst Hershkovits’ keys whirlitz though oriental scales as the clarinet flutters. 

We chatted to Hershkovits about ‘More Than One Thing’, which lands on 25 January. 

\\ Members of Time Grove all have various projects going on; tell us a bit about everyone’s background and what kind of space Time Grove provides creatively?

Yuvi and I wanted to produce a record that will sound like a combination of everything we like. In other words, presenting the Crème de la Crème of Tel Avivs contemporary  music scene. 

We all met in different musical scenarios through the years but never in this particular context. Sefi, Eyal, Roy, Sol Monk, BEMET (Hod) and myself have recorded with Yuvi for Time Grove Selection series. Then, for two of the tracks, we called Amir Bresler and Yonatan Albalak who are also part of the same crew. They appear as guests on the Time Grove Selections records. The sounds that came out made us ask ourselves What are our influences?’ since it didnt sound like one thing or anything we know, really, rather than a cool mishmash of unique folky melodies. Plus, everyone’s vast knowledge of electronic and analogue instruments helped us to keep the similar soundscapes we created before.  

\\ You’ve just released ‘Roy The King’. Who’s Roy? Why’s he a king? Tell us a story. 

Roy Chen is the drummer whos featured on this track. Since he had only a few hours in the studio we wanted him to shine. We had an inside joke that day that went like Roy, today well make you a king!. What can I say, it worked! He played his ass off and sounded royal and gypsy at the same time. Thats basically what I had in my mind when we called him into the studio so Im happy he felt that too. 

\\ Your album, ‘More Than One Thing’, is almost here! Tell us about the ideas that went into it?

This recording was made with a bunch of friends when some of them were called into the studio on the same day. Theres nothing like writing with the people in the room you record in. Someone comes up with a short line, then someone continues while someone else is finding the chords that will go along with it; and right before playing a take we decide on the form of the song. There’s one track, Talik, thats improvised so the listeners can get the most transparent picture of the vibe that was in the studio. 

\\ What’s going on in 2019? Are you looking at tour dates etc?

We already have plans for our second record with lots of new music and working on dates for the Autumn of 2019. 

Video directed & edited by Ben Kirschenbaum
Filmed by Eric Raphael Mizrahi, Itamar Dotan Katz, Ben Kirschenbaum
Lighting by Eric Raphael Mizrahi
Video by Eyechant

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