The tracks we can’t wait to hear live at Love Supreme Jazz Festival this Summer

23rd May 2019

As the British Summer approaches, we’re looking ahead to the tracks that we’re gagging to hear live in the Summer. With a cold drink in hand and loved ones around us, here are the tunes we hope to be dancing to at Love Supreme Jazz Festival this July. 

Ms Lauryn Hill \\ ‘Doo-Wop (That Thing)’

Could this be more of a sing-along anthem? Ms Lauryn Hill has fronted some huge hits that stand the test of time. Hearing the legendary Fugees singer performing this will be super memorable, especially with thousands of people singing along. See you at the front. 

Louie Vega and the Elements of Life band \\ ‘Aphrodite’

DJ and musician Louie Vega is almost synonymous with Summer for his distinctive blend of salsa, latin, electronic and house music. Tracks life ‘Aphrodite’ will ignite some heat when Louie Vega and his Elements of Life band kick start. 

Theon Cross \\ ‘Activate’

This Summer marks the first British festival season since South-East London tuba player Theon Cross dropped his debut album ‘Fyah’. Full of heavy-hitters, ‘Activate’ will be the moment for a mosh. 

Tank and the Bangas \\ ‘Quick’

Hip-swivelling and empowering, ‘Quick’ is impossible to ignore. Tank and the Bangas are celebrated for their all-out performances. We think the New Orleanian band might deliver ‘Quick’ with a punch. 

Chick Corea \\ ‘Spain’

One of the biggest living Jazz legends, keys player Chick Corea will deliver nothing short of an education with his set at Love Supreme Jazz Festival. With ‘Spain’ as one of his most recognised tracks – a joyful Jazz fashion masterpiece composed in 1971 – there will be some special moments for die-hard old-skool fans. We hope ‘Spain’ will be one of them from Chick Corea and his Spanish Heart Band. 

Sampa the Great \\ ‘Black Girl Magik’

Need we say more? Rapper Sampa the Great has written some hugely powerful tunes in her short career so far. ‘Black Girl Magic’ is a dreamy ode to black womanhood. 

30/70 \\ ‘Misrepresented’

First released via Rhythm Section then again with Gondwana as part of their debut album, Melbourne band 30/70 have been embraced by UK audiences. Fronted by vocalist Allysha Joy, ‘Misrepresented’ beams some powerful messages; “Elevate, ‘cos I feel misrepresented”

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