Recommended Listening \\ Seven tracks picked by broadcaster Emma Warren

23rd October 2018

Emma Warren has been rocking a multi-hyphenated career since 1993, contributing as founder to influential Manchester music magazine, Jockey Slut, a bi-monthly publication that celebrated dance and club culture.

Her fanzines, BBC Radio documentaries, Worldwide FM residency and steady stream of articles are presented with remarkable integrity and respect, marked in part by her fearless opinions – did you hear Emma’s Worldwide FM show on the day of President Trump’s visit to London?

Away from her online output, Emma curates her monthly Counterpoint event at Tate Modern. Hosting musicians-turned-DJs, she enables Jazz-influenced artists to improvise with decks rather than their instruments. In late 2018 she launches Sweet Machine Publishing; expect print pamphlets and a collection of physical copy that will be so much more rewarding to hold, then scroll.

Simply, Emma Warren is one of the most respected music highlighters in London. In celebration of her exquisitely researched music tastes, we asked Emma to recommend us seven tracks that need a listen.

Thirza feat Coby Sey \\ ‘Devotion’ (Domino)

I love the simplicity, the repetition and the feeling in this record. It sits in the lineage of great experimental love songs or ‘Tru Life Soul Ballads’ to quote David Toop. It’s a bit David Sylvian, a bit Solange, and very excellent.


Noname \\ ‘Room 25’ (Mixtape)

I know I should pick one tune but I can’t. Noname’s just a delicious listen, each and every time.


Little Simz \\ ‘Offence’ (Age 101)

I heard this and was like woah, someone’s on fire. Simz has taken grime down a 1970s Superfly alleyway and slapped it up with three minutes of trenchantly give-a-shit bars.


Nekaybaaw \\ ‘Mysterious Matters’ (Culture Power45)

Purchased from the fantastic Hyde Park Records on a recent trip to Chicago, on a compilation put together by vinyl-only, culture-promoting Culture Power45. It’s lo-fi, tuff and sweet: strong Soul II Soul vibes coming off this one.


Moses Taiwa Molelekwa \\ ‘Genes and Spirits’ (Matsuli Music)

Giving thanks to Matsuli Music for reissuing this insanely beautiful 1998 South African jewel.  There’s hints of drum n bass, tracks which sound like Sade, endlessly colourful piano and Londoners Byron Wallen and Andrew Missingham on the players list.


Children of Zeus \\ ‘Vibrations’ (Zed Bias Remix) (First Word)

Central casting just sent out a banger. Neighbourhood 2018 or wot wot wot.


Nicolette \\ ‘Wicked Mathematics’ (Shut Up And Dance)

I found this strange but very cool 1992 Shut Up And Dance release in the local Sue Ryder last week. It’s a vocal tune that bridges hardcore and the experimental music of Black Dog and Aphex Twin with an even more out-there b-side which includes string samples, computer game bleeps, and a loopy vocal line about the colours in someone’s head. My friend who knows nothing about this music said it sounded like a battle between vocals, keyboards and beats. It does, in a good way.

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