INTERVIEW \\ Four minutes with electronic-jazz duo Project Karnak

19th March 2019

Project Karnak play Corsica Studios on 25 April. Get tickets

When Project Karnak revealed their debut single ‘Fellowship’ in early 2017, the potential of what jazz and electronic music could be when combined was still relatively fresh. Yussef Kamaal were in the midst of their ‘Black Focus’ hype and Moses Boyd was yet to add ‘Exodus’ to label his increasingly cosmic music. The Comet Is Coming were only two years in to their journey – and Steamdown were yet to exist. 

What drummer Sam Ouissellat and Dominic Canning (keys, bass, production) released in 2017 was a sign of things to come; Jazz moving towards a more dance-orientated state. Since then, they’ve released their 2018 EP ‘Equinox’. The five track offering caught the ears of tastemakers like Shy One and Gilles Peterson, who called the EP a “blinder”. 

Both Sam and Dominic have been busy since the release of ‘Equinox’ a year ago with various other music projects. Dominic in particular has been active with his own Doom Cannon project, Triforce – including celebrated guitarist Mansur Brown – and South-East London collective Steam Down. 

Ahead of their show at Corsica Studios on 25 April, where they’ll be performing with hotly-tipped five piece band PYJAEN, we talk to Dominic about the music. Buy tickets

\\ Tell us about how you guys formed? What was the music that you bonded over at first, as a starting point for your own music?
So basically, Sam and I met in his brother’s samba band, and then we happened to go to the same place of education, Kingsdale Foundation school. We used to jam every now and then and come up with some cool ideas around the age of 16. We both loved anime, cartoons and some synths hence why in our early stages we were named after an anime called ‘One Punch Man’, our name was ‘TwoPunchMandem’. Crease.
\\ Have you been writing since ‘Equinox’ EP? Where are you creatively right now?
Yeahhhh we have been writing quite a bit, some tunes you guys will hear in our set that have now become regulars but in terms of the next release we’re boiling down the tunes to give you guys all the best bits. We just wanna make sure we give you the best version of us that we got!  Especially looking back on the old EP like “we can do so much better!”.

\\ Tell us about your recent show in Brazil; there’s huge love for UK Jazz out there right now. What were some of the highlights, and what music did you discover out there?
Brazil. Was. A. Vibe. They were so supportive and we gained something mad like 200 new followers from our time out there. I think for us the highlights were people coming up to us saying they love our music and that they were fans. It’s mad considering we just make music we’re enjoying and hope for the best. In terms of other music, we didn’t really get a chance to discover as much music as we wanted. We were too busy living our best lives, soaking up that sun.
\\ Will there be a new release this year? if so, please share/tease out any details that you like!
There will be some new music out this year. You guys just got to keep you ears and eyes open!

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