PREMIERE \\ Finnish band OK:KO reveal ‘Arizona’

21st February 2019

Finnish band OK:KO are one of the most engaging Jazz acts coming out of Helsinki. Led by drummer Okko Saastamoinen, their second album ‘Syrtti’ is being released via We Jazz Records on 22 February. Inspired by spiritual jazz and their Nordic surroundings, the album takes you through a dynamic journey.

We’re premiering ‘Arizona’, which is underpinned by a foreboding bass melody at the lower end of the keys beneath Jarno Tikka’s busy sax melody. Leading towards a catchy hook at the finale, ‘Arizona’ is a colourful introduction to the album. 

\\ Tell us about the track ‘Arizona’
Arizona was a night club in my home town. It had to shut its doors for good about a year ago so I just had to dedicate one tune for the place. It was basically the only place for young adults to hang out in the small town. I really like how the tune turned out and the take on the album has just the type of energy I was aiming for.  


\\ What’s the music scene like around you in Helsinki?
I’d say the overall level in the scene is really high! Lots of great, interesting players and bands making music on their own terms. 


\\ Tell us what’s coming up for you this year? 
First thing for sure is the release of ‘Syrtti’ and touring in Finland for the next couple of weeks. We’re also performing in Germany during the spring. I’m really excited because for us, playing live is the most precious thing in making music and we are looking forward to seeing how the music on ‘Syrtti’ develops and lives with the live performances.

Main Image credit: Pietari Purovaara

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