PREMIERE \\ Gaijin Blues get inspired by Japanese video games on ‘Cafe LeBlanc’

30th January 2019

Polish duo Gaijin Blues have been incredibly inspired by Japanese records, manga an video games. So much so that its members – producers Naphta and Playstation Yoga Music – present their debut 4 track EP in dedication to their interests.

The EP is a dance between Japanese and Western music, sampling and live studio instruments. Ahead of the release of ‘Gaijin Blues’ on Friday, via rising South London label Shapes Of Rhythm, Supreme Standards share an exclusive premiere of ‘Cafe LeBlanc”. Its busy percussion is calmed with sparse strings and wind fluttering above it. Beautifully oriental and wistful, ‘Cafe LeBlanc’ is the third track to be revealed from an impressive debut EP. 

\\ Tell us about this track?
It’s the most sentimental track on the EP, inspired by Cafe LeBlanc – a cozy place from Persona 5, one of our favorite JRPGs [Japanese Role Playing Game] of all time. Just like the cafe, this track should evoke feelings of safety and familiarity with slightly melancholic tinge. Sound-wise, we went for something similar to a harp, which is one of the most blissful instruments in the world – this corresponds nicely with the feelings we wanted to evoke.  
\\ What inspired you to take your love of Japanese vinyl and turn it into this record?
It was a lovely, sunny day of summer. We were just hanging out in the studio and listening to the records. Some of the sounds and melodies were just too inspiring to leave them existing only in original context. We both have a strong emotional response to the music so it was a moment and thus Gaijin Blues was born. We started to build a new context for those melodies, mostly to give back our love – a love that these records gave to us in the first place.
\\ What’s coming up for you guys this year?
We’re working on the LP. This time around, we will use Japanese music only as vague points of emotional reference and translate these feelings into our own tracks. We are also using much heavier sounds and beats, more in the vibe of our live show. 

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