November \\ Seven tracks you need to hear right now

30th November 2018

Whilst end of year best album lists are landing all over the internet (disclaimer; ours is coming soon), it would be foolish to neglect the strength of the new tracks making their way to our headphones. Here’s seven fresh deliveries that you need to hear right now.

Sampa the Great \\ ‘Energy Nadeem Din-Gabisi’

In our debut podcast episode, Australian rapper and poet Sampa the Great shared her admiration for South London’s Steamdown collective. She invited one of the members, Nadeem Din-Gabisi, to drop a verse in her new single ‘Energy’; a spacious ode to feminine and masculine energies, punctuated with romantic brass hooks.

Kamaal Williams ft Mansur Brown \\ ‘Snitches Brew’ (Black Focus Records)

South London’s Kamaal Williams continues his route with rising guitarist Mansur Brown, who shines on ‘Snitches Brew’. His vocab of chords are expansive over Williams’ bed of keys, playing with his signature effects. It’s pacing, challenging, yet still likely to light-up a dance floor. 


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Nardeydey  \\ ‘Speedial’ (Lucky Number)

Seven piece band Nérija have spawned some successful solo careers — including that of Nubya Garcia’s — since they released their debut EP in 2016. Now it’s the turn of guitarist Shirley Tetteh (pictured above) who has signed with indie label Lucky Number to reveal her new project, Nardeydey. ‘Speedial’ is a therapeutically repetitive, lo-fi pop skit that’s both lighthearted whilst showing heavy potential on 2019’s follow-up release.


Anderson .Paak \\ ‘Six Summers’ (Aftermath/12 Tone Music, LLC)

The long awaited third album from Anderson .Paak, the all-singing, all-drumming innovator, is named after his hometown of Oxnard; a true statement that he’s arrived on several new horizons with this release. It’s a slow-burner, but a few tracks stand out instantly. ‘Six Summers’ moves through kooky four to the floor and percussive shuffles with satisfying drops and contageous hooks. All the while, it marks Anderson .Paak moving into political commentary; “pop pop pop goes the shooter, reform; reform should have came sooner.


Jungle By Night \\ ‘Love Boat’ (Rush Hour)

The nine-piece Amsterdam based collective recently dropped their fifth album, continuing their journey through niche sounds to create something that’s musically multi-lingual. Legend Tony Allen has championed the band for their progression through afrobeat. ‘Love Boat’ is a catchy, brassy, uplifting crowd-pleaser.


Animanz x Juanita Euka \\ ‘Them Changes’ – Magic Drum Orchestra Remix (Tru Thoughts)

Tru Thoughts up-and-comers Animanz navigate through Thundercat’s ‘Them Changes’ with Latin-jazz rhythms, presenting a take which is rich, textured and wholely dancable. Fellow label mates Magic Drum Orchestra have remixed Animanz’ version with chugging percussion and reverb vocals. An ambitious track tackled well, again.

Joe Armon-Jones \\ ‘Starting Today dub’ (Brownswood)

Pianist Joe Armon-Jones’ ‘Starting Today’ record was heavily influenced by his love of old dub records. He’s taken that fascination to the surface, reworking two tunes — the title track and ‘Mollisson Dub’ — deeper into loose and lucid territory. Check it out on Bandcamp

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