NEWS \\ Rumours flow as Nubya Garcia and Joe Armon-Jones pictured with dubstep pioneer Mala

9th April 2019

Nubya Garcia, Joe Armon-Jones and Mala have each posted the same photograph of themselves on Instagram, sparking rumours of a new project. 

Saxophonist Nubya Garcia, keys player Joe Armon-Jones and dubstep pioneer Mala appear in a polaroid picture, accompanied with the caption, “Untitled. 15.04.19”. 

It’s no secret that Nubya Garcia and Joe Armon-Jones are inspired by dub – in fact, Joe picked 5 dub tracks for us this week that influenced his debut record, ‘Starting Today’. Check it out whilst we patiently wait for 15 April to come around

Keep your eyes and ears peeled. 

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