NEWS \\ Esperanza Spalding set to release physical copies of ’12 Little Spells’

17th April 2019

Esperanza Spalding has announced that there will be a physical release of her album ’12 Little Spells’. 

Recorded in an Italian castle in September 2018, fans have only had access to the digital tracks so far. On 12 May however, we will be able to get the record on vinyl and CD, with four additional bonus tracks. 

The 12 original compositions correspond to body parts, with the extra four tunes attributed to blood, hair, joints and shoulders. It’s another progressive record from the creative mind of the Portland-born artist, with a video to accompany each track or ‘spell’. 

The recordings feature Spalding on vocals, Matthew Stevens on guitar, Justin Tyson on drums, Aaron Burnett on saxophone, Burniss Travis on bass, Corey King on background vocals and Rob Schwimmer on continuum.

Check out the track list below with the corresponding body parts; 

1 \\ 12 Little Spells – Thoracic Spine

2 \\ To Tide Us Over – Mouth

3 \\ Until The Next Full – Eyes

4 \\ Thang – Hips

5 \\ Touch In Mine – Fingers

6 \\ The Longing Deep Down – Abdominal Portal

7 \\ You Have To Dance – Feet

8 \\ Now Know – Solar Portal

9 \\ All Limbs Are – Arms

10 \\ Readying To Rise – Legs

11 \\ Dancing The Animal – Mind/Brain

12 \\ With Others – Ears

 Bonus tracks:

13 \\ Lest We Forget – Blood

14 \\ How To – Hair

15 \\ Move Many – Joint

16 \\ Ways Together – Shoulders

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