New sound 002 \\ Belgian vocalist and producer Tristan navigates cosmic Jazz & Pop

25th February 2019

Tristan is the alter-ego of Isolde Van den Bulcke, a Belgian vocalist, composer and producer who’s upbringing listening to Bjork, Arca, Boards of Canada and Wayne Shorter has given her an eclectic outlook. There’s an element of dangerous fantasy to Tristan’s music. It doesn’t fit into any boxes in sight.

Somewhat dark, somewhat playful with a childlike naivety, Tristan’s new EP ‘Delidomia’ is driven by self-discovery. Released on 8 March via Pias, it follows her critically acclaimed 2018 debut, ‘Illusje’. 

Of the EP’s leading single ‘Maljaande’, Tristan says, “The narrative deals with the paradox of a young, Western woman living a happy-go-lucky life while struggling to truly enjoy it, in the knowledge that outside her cultural bubble, the world is a mess”

Get to know the rising Belgian artist ahead of the release of ‘Delidomia’ on 8 March. 


\\ Is there a concept or theme tying the tracks in ‘Delidomia’?

‘Delidomia’ is a translation of every emotional state of mind we all have to face and live through and music is a kind of a therapy to help me overcome any doubts and fears. I look at ‘Delidomia’ as a universe, like a world from ‘Alice in Wonderland’, in which every track embodies a different aspect of our consciousness. For example, ‘Olso’ is the healthy amount of curiosity we all enjoy or ‘Weslanda’ is the unbearable self-judgement we drown ourselves in. 

\\ Can you tell us in detail about your favourite track on the EP?

My favourite track would be ‘Olso’ because I never would have thought I would write something like it. It is the piece that, to me, also speaks most in its visuality. What I love about the song is that it is built of three parts that have so little and yet everything to do with each other and I hope that we succeeded in delivering this message. I see it as the theme song of this EP because it really tells the story of the discovery of this world called ‘Delidomia’. 

\\ Who are your influences? How do you take inspiration from these artists and apply it to your own writing?

When I started writing music I was listening a lot to jazz from Coltrane to Hancock and Allen Holdsworth. I also at the time discovered artists such as Oneohtrix Point Never, Arca and Aphex Twin so I guess this blend created the cocktail I call my music. I never take direct inspiration from artists, but if I start listening to a record I dive deep and mostly I just listen to one record over and over for months. If I am writing in that period, it is inevitable that this record will shape and colour my work.

\\ Tell us about the Belgium music scene, who and what should we know about?

There is this new wave of young, incredibly talented musicians who aren’t afraid of experiment. Even though it is a little country, the variety of music is grand. Most of the musicians I work with are constantly exploring new genres which has music of a high level as a result. You have Charlotte Adigery for example, who is doing great in the UK at this moment, she is most likely one of the most passionate, dedicated and hardworking friends I’ve ever had and she makes non-compromised music yet seems to manage perfectly.

\\ What’s coming up for you this year?

I will be playing my first headline shows in Belgium and start working on my first LP very shortly because I do feel ready now to start writing a longer tale.

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