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1st March 2019

LA beatmaker and producer 14KT has joined the First Word Records family and with it comes his new jazz-inspired project IAMABEENIE, with ‘The Power of Same’ out today. 

With more than ten albums already in his arsenal, including seven solo albums, 14KT has never tired of driving his creativity in numerous directions. 

‘The Power of Same’ sees IAMABEENIE team with vocalist Muhsinah. In this tune, driven by his conversations with God, he explores “the power of being consistent in our lives.” He goes on, sharing that during the making of the song he “thought about how consistently God’s love and my family’s love have gotten me through my journey of life”.  The track continues to showcase his skills as a masterful beatmaker, with hooks that shuffle and gloop, complimented and warmed by Muhsinah’s soulful vocals. 

IAMABEENIE is a member of Jazzy Jeff’s Playlist Retreat, alongside his new label mates including Eric Lau, Tall Black Guy and Kaidi Tatham – who reveals his own distinctive remix for the track. 

To celebrate the release of ‘The Power of Same’ and 14KT’s new direction into more Jazz-laden territory, released 1 March, we talk to him about the new IAMABEENIE project and how the track came around. 

\\ Tell us about the progression between 14KT and IAMABEENIE. How does the new project allow you to stretch out?

IAMABEENIE was a style I have been working on since 2003. I never shared it because I wasn’t confident in my abilities as a musician. I’m mostly known for making hip-hop music because that’s what I’ve been doing my entire life. However, most people don’t know that I am a huge fan of Jazz music. I always wanted to create jazz, but when I would listen to records from Bobby Timmons, Yussef Lateef, Pharaoh Sanders, and The Mizell Brothers, they were very intimidating because these artists are masters of their craft. This new project is me accepting myself for who I am as a musician currently.

I challenged myself to make a jazz- influenced project mostly using Native Instruments Maschine software/hardware. This new project truly took my approach to making music to the next level. I felt like I found freedom in production that I never had before. From being a beat maker,  I always felt like I was trapped behind the grid of bars, loops, and sequencing. Now I’m excited to stretch my music out a little bit more.


\\ Being based in California, tell us about how First Word Records got onto your radar? Are there any albums or tracks on the label that you particularly connect with?

I heard about First Word Records from my brother Tall Black Guy about 6 years ago. It was around the time he released his single, ‘8 Miles To Moenart’. From being a fan of TBG, I checked for other releases from the label. Every release I heard afterwards was just good, quality, soulful music. I really enjoyed the projects from Ross McHenry, Children of Zeus, Kaidi Kat, and Eric Lau also.


\\ How much did you talk to Muhsinah about the project before she sent over her vocals? Was there some serendipity in what she sent over, in relation to the themes, or did you two talk it over?

 I didn’t talk with Muhsinah much about the project yet. At the time, Her and I were at DJ Jazzy Jeff’s “Playlist Retreat”. I had the music pretty much finished. I played it for Tall Black Guy, who was also at Jeff’s. TBG suggested I get Muhsinah on the track. I immediately agreed. I went and found Muhsinah and asked her if she would be down. I sent her the record that day. She loved it!

Through a text, I briefly told her a little bit of the inspiration behind the title – but I really wanted her to just feel free to write whatever she wanted to around that concept. Two days later at like 1:30 am, she sent the vocals that you hear in the song. Muhsinah is awesome! We definitely have to do more work in the future.


\\ ‘The Power of Same’ is in part themed around unconditional love; did your approach to this theme adapt personally, before and after the completion of the track? 

It definitely adapted personally before I even started to work on the music. I was reading a bible study plan which is called ‘The Power of Same’. I was really inspired by the message of the power of consistency – more so in the realm of faith. After I read that plan, in my mind I knew what kind of vibe and expression I was going for. Then I started to create the music based around that message and emotion. I thought about how consistent God was in my life. I thought about my close friends and family who have supported me consistently since day one. What Muhsinah wrote for this song was PERFECT.

This song comes ten years after I released my first debut album ‘The Golden Hour’. Those that have been following my musical journey, know that I was on the verge of quitting around that time. So for me, this song is a celebration, thanking God and everyone who has continuously supported me and kept me alive spiritually.

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