New Sound 001 \\ Indie-Jazz Chicago band Resavoir

18th February 2019

We love presenting you with new music that we think you should be checking out. So to mark our word, we introduce to you our regular ‘New artist’ feature.

The flame within Chicago’s progressive Jazz scene continues to burn brightly, marked most recently by the arrival of Resavoir. Lead by Will Miller – who already has a following for his country-soul band Whitney – we’re hearing alternative indie influences on debut track ‘Esculator’. The first single chugs with an electronic bed for a scurrying saxophone and authoritative layered trumpets. It’s a little bit chaotic, but in a way that washes over you oh so pleasingly. It evokes waves breaking on the beach in fast motion, intercepted with mysterious field recordings. 

With more music on the way via International Anthem, we ask Will to give us the low down on Resavoir. 

\\ Tell us about how Resavoir was born?

It mostly involved inviting my friends over to record on beats I made in Logic.

\\ ‘Escalator’ is the first track we’ve heard from you, is it an accurate insight of what else is to come?

More or less. I strive for my music to be somewhere between the head exploding emoji and the dancing emoji. The album is going to be a mix of studio and home recordings. 

\\ The track has a sense of Radiohead on a Jazz trip… on reflection, does that make sense for you? 

Wow that is a very kind comparison! I was a hardcore jazz head in high school when a friend introduced me to Ok Computer. It kind of changed my life and I’ve been a huge fan of theirs ever since.

\\ How does Resavoir help you to stretch out creatively, in comparison to Whitney? Have you been able to scratch an itch?

You could say so. I’m super lucky to have found the Whitney dudes because they give me room for creativity in the studio and on stage. It’s not often that you find that and it actually works for everybody. Resavoir is something I’ve been developing since before I joined Whitney so it definitely feels good to get back to my musical roots. It allows me to stretch out as a writer and producer, not only as a trumpet player, which provides its own set of challenges and rewards.

\\ Tell us about working with International Anthem – is there an album on the way?

I’ve known Scottie since 2012 when he booked my band for a couple shows. He actually approached me to put together a band for a show last June that ended up being the first Resavoir show, which ended up acting as a catalyst for everything that has come our way since then. I think we’ve just been fans of each others for a while now so it made sense to team up for a release. The album is close, just needs some finishing touches.

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