Interview \\ Two minutes with emerging band PYJAEN

13th December 2018

Catch PYJÆN and Project Karnak at live at Corsica Studios on 25 April 

Emerging from London’s fertile scene, five piece PYJAEN are expanding their Jazz influences across rock, electronica, Afrobeat, hip-hop and jazz fusion. Trumpeter Dylan Jones (also of Ezra Collective) joins Ben Vize (Sax), Dani Diodato (Guitar), Ben Crane (Bass), Charlie Hutchinson (Drums). They’ve just been granted funding from the MOBO Awards and Help Musicians UK and have an album out in the coming months. PYJAEN will be making an impact in 2019. We took two minutes with Dylan to get to know the band a little better ahead of an exiting year. 

\\ Introduce us to the band; what does PYJAEN mean?

PYJAEN is our alter ego so to speak. It was inspired by a barista’s simple mis-reading of our trumpet player Dylan’s name on a coffee cup at Brainchild festival. This sparked the idea and question that if (in a parralel universe) the person PYJAEN actually claimed their cup of coffee at this festival, what would they be like? And through using this name as our band name, any compositions we create will build his being and personality over time. 

\\ How did you guys all meet and realise that you wanted to work together?

We all met at Trinity Laban College of Music and Dance when studying Jazz music. Funnily enough we started as a traditional Jazz band called Vice Quintet, playing in Pubs around London. However, we all got to a point where we decided we wanted to stretch out stylistically to things like funk and rock as well as composing more of our own music.

\\ A few of you work in other projects; what are these and tell us about how you’ve kept creative during touring schedules etc?

Creative growth in touring scenarios is generated in our ability to keep our repertoire fresh every night, however long the tour. Every show we learn something new about our music, ourselves and the rest of the band.

\\ Tell us about the album on the way. How will it journey on from your prior release?

We can’t give away too much! However, what we can say is that it will be a statement and reflection on the development of PYJAEN throughout our year of his creation. We’ve gigged non-stop this year, really growing as a band, pushing the boundaries of our music, and constantly composing new ideas. You’ll be able to hear this in the album.

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