INTERVIEW \\ Tim Garcia on his journey to Música Macondo

5th April 2019

You’ll find Tim Garcia in a variety of places; behind the mic, in front of crates or a laptop or even on the decks. As a DJ, broadcaster and writer, he’s shared his passion for music in every way he knows how to. 

Founder of Música Macondo, Tim’s online platform has blossomed into live events and a regular show on JazzFM. He’s an incredibly knowledgeable source of information for new releases, under-celebrated gems and top reissues. His selections are always on point whilst avoiding the predictable. 

Tim Garcia will be going B2B with Mr Redley at Love Supreme Jazz Festival this Summer. Ahead of the afterparty, we ask Tim to tell us about his journey towards Música Macondo. 

I find this a difficult question to summarise as I feel a lot of names of genres nowadays can be pretty reductive but for the most part, I’d say music from the African Diaspora. The majority of the music I play has it’s roots firmly in West and Central Africa prior to the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and the forced migrations of millions of Africans to the Americas. That would include but not limited to Jazz – its multitude of interpretations and evolutions globally and everything that has followed black classical music from Soul, Funk, Hip Hop and House but also a lot music from South and Central America and the Caribbean. I’m also a big lover of Broken Beat and Bruk, Afrobeat and more traditional sounds. Anything percussive really resonates with me or anything that has rhythm, the common denominator for me is music that has soul. So I guess I’m trying, in my own way, to connect the dots between all of these sounds.

My journey to it, well my father has very eclectic taste in music, so I grew up listening to everything under the sun from Gil Scott-Heron and Roy Ayers to The Clash, Goldie and Aswad, there was always something different playing in my house growing up, my mum was also a singer and lover of Soul and Motown. When I went to Uni I started putting on raves, mainly House, Techno, Garage, Grime/Bass music, I think that cemented my longing to work in music. The way I got into Jazz though, I’m sure is similar to many people my age and that was through my love of Hip Hop and following samples and that sort of became an obsession, finding out where a lot of this music had come from and tracing it back as far as it could go and following the various manifestations of it worldwide.

\\ What kind of community does Música Macondo represent?

We’re a group of like minded people who share a love of Radio and shining a light on good quality music from all over the world, really. Between us we have shows on BBC 1 Xtra, Jazz FM, NTS, Worldwide FM, Reprezent Radio, Netil Radio and Box Out FM. The majority of us work in the music industry full time, either as writers, broadcasters or for labels. We all have a passion for live music and DJing and we try to translate that into everything we do. I like to think it represents inclusivity and a constant exchange of ideas; we just want to create a space for discovering new sounds and to share good quality music with as many people as possible!

\\ Can you tell us about a few releases that you’re excited about right now?

Cykada’s new album on Astigmatic records.
Ruby Rushton’s new album ‘Ironside’ on 22a
I’m really enjoying Guts’s ‘Philanthropiques’.
Ariwo’s new release ‘Quasi’.
Quantic’s ‘Atlantic Oscilations’.
Marc Mac’s new Afrobruk EP.
Ivan Conti’s ‘Poison Fruit’ on Far Out is brilliant.
The Ronin Arkestra project fronted by Marc De Clive-Lowe out on Albert’s favourites is super deep and a refreshing listen.
Rating the Shafiq Husayn album on Eglo Records.
Eddie Palmieri’s album.
Scrimshire’s new single ‘Won’t Get Better’ featuring the Don Emma-Jean Thackray is great too!
Ooh ‘Slavic Spirits’… coming soon

Eabs ft. Tenderlonious, I went to Poland for the recording of this album, and all I can say is it’s on a whole different level. There is almost too much good music at the minute, the list is endless.

Tim Garcia goes B2B with Mr Redley for one of Love Supreme Jazz Festival’s many after parties – get tickets

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