INTERVIEW \\ Neue Grafik reveals the details of new album ahead of Roundhouse show

4th April 2019

Neue Grafik is a electrifying keys player, producer and DJ who is about to release his debut album on Total Refreshment records. 

‘Foulden Road’ is named after the location of Total Refreshment Centre, where the album was recorded. Having been living between Paris and London for several years, Neue Grafik now calls London home, thanks to having been inspired by the former North London venue. 

Although details of the release are yet to drop, we know that Neue Grafik will be performing tracks from ‘Foulden Road’ at Roundhouse, when Love Supreme take over on Saturday 13 April. Get tickets

To mark the coming release, we talk to Neue Grafik about the people of the impactful Total Refreshment Centre, and what to expect from ‘Folden Road’. 

Rehearsals with the Neue Grafik Ensemble, for the show at The Jazz Cafe tomorrow w/ Kwake Bass and Bradley Zero. This Friday at La Petite Halle. Check this out!

Posted by Neue Grafik on Wednesday, 28 November 2018


\\ Can you describe your first experience of the Total Refreshment Centre to us?
My first personal experience in this venue was for a show I made two years ago for a side project. I was already in touch with Lex [founder, Alexis Blondel] and I’ve fallen in love really quickly with this charming place full of artists and music lovers. This night was during the UK General Election in 2017. It was a particular ambiance and there was a great deal of stress this night.
\\ You work with some great and varied collaborators on this project, which is testament to the community vibe that runs throughout; can you tell us how you got to know the musicians who guest on your tracks?
Wohhh loads of long stories, but if I can sum up, the main musicians of the ‘Ensemble’ – Emma Jean Thackray are on trumpet, Dougal Taylor on drums and Matt Gedrych on bass. It was just me and Alexis Blondel looking for musicians while I slept on a couch in TRC’s living room. He helped me so much on this project. For the others, Brother Portrait, Nubya Garcia, Allysha Joy, Esinam, Wayne Francis, Yahael Camara-Onono, Tanguy Jouanjan, Saintard; it’s one and a half years of friendships, love and strong links – in different studios, venues, or gigs between two countries. I’m especially really proud of the collaboration with Brother Portrait – and his place in it – as a voice you follow throughout the mini album. It’s more for me than just “tracks”, it was few moments of life.
\\ Tell us about the first track you wrote on the record; did it lend itself to giving a theme or direction to the rest of the tracks to follow?
The first track that I wrote for the record was ‘Dedicated To Marie Paule’; it’s a track coming from the sessions for my last Rhythm Section release, ‘Innervision’. The direction of the  mini album come from the idea to create a band, around my electronic music, embracing as a producer my live music side and tell a story about my journey in this new area, Dalston. And I definitely didn’t decide it with this track but with ‘Something Is Missing’, a sort of live alternative version from the track released last year on Coop Presents, ‘I Miss Something’.

\\ You’ve been based between London and Paris for a little while; will you be looking for a new residency like the one you had in Paris?
London is my new home! I have a lot of friends in town. The majority of the people I work with are here and I’m just in love with this city. The twinkle in the eyes of each musician I’ve met – even if life is tough – I feel a lot of fun, open-mindness, love and humility from the people here.

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