INTERVIEW \\ Get to know Norwegian band Fieh ahead of Love Supreme Festival

30th April 2019

Fast-rising Norwegian band Fieh are among the artists just announced to be appearing at Love Supreme Jazz Festival this Summer. 

Based in Oslo, Norway, Fiah is a slick 8 piece band fronted by vocalist and songwriter Sofie Tollefsbøl. Travelling through neo-soul, R&B and and left-field pop, Fieh will peak the interest for lovers of Moonchild and Space Captain. They’ve been gaining a loyal fanbase – which includes the legendary Elton John. 

With sultry tunes like ’25’, Fieh will be laying out a set perfect for a Summer’s weekend at Love Supreme this year. Ahead of their appearance, we talked to vocalist Sofie and trumpeter Lyder Øvreås Røed. 

\\ What artists on the Norwegian scene are you into right now? Who should we be checking out alongside Fieh?

Lyder: There’s lots of cool Norwegian bands at the moment. Pom Poko, Billy Meier, Boy Pablo, Samu, Mall Girl, Tobi Duchampe to name a few! The scene is just flowing over with amazing new music. 

\\ Tell us about the band name, Fieh?

Sophie: It’s just my name Sofie without the So and with an H. It used to be my name on all old Norwegian social media. I have no idea where it came from, maybe inspired by Nas, I’m not sure.

\\ The track ’25’ echoes the millennial crisis of pushing ourselves to ‘make it’ in the creative industries. Tell us about where that song came from.

Sofie: I made it five years ago. I had just been picked as “Artist of the Week” on a Norwegian radio channel that highlights un-established young artists. I was producing everything myself with midi keys in Logic back then, and I had like, two songs out on Soundcloud. I was learning Arabic at the time, and spent most of my time studying. Suddenly I had to come and speak on that radio show and everything; I felt kinda stressed out for not having more songs. I made that song very quickly, with lyrics about feeling stressed out, which obviously was very true at the moment.

\\ Can you tell us about any running themes rolling throughout the new record?

Sofie: It’s a collection of songs made from about 2013 to 2017, and I’d say the lyrics are just about things in my life during that period of time, in the same way that the music reflects what music we were inspired by and wanted to create during those years. To me the whole record sounds like those years of my life, and like those years of the band’s musical life sort of. 

Lyder: Real instruments and real feelings.

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