Elsa Hewitt picks her top 5 electronic artists

19th April 2019
Elsa Hewitt is an electronic artist with several skills in her arsenal. 
As a previous Future Bubbler – the artist development programme headed by Gilles Peterson – Leeds based Elsa Hewitt has grown immeasurably. She has just released ‘Citrus Paradisi’, a minimal, glitchy album with an uplifting glow. All music was written, performed, recorded and produced independently – even the album artwork was at her hand. 
To mark the release of ‘Citrus Paradisi’ and understand the tastes of this rising multi-threat artist, Elsa Hewitt tells us about five of her favourite active electronic artists. 
Huerco S

I love the sounds he uses. His music is a perfect mix of tuneful and textural. I find it generally very warming and comforting music to listen to. 

Jon Hassell
This is a guy who has been doing his thing for a long time, as well as many awesome collaborations. He plays trumpet with experimental effects and techniques. I am always a fan of artists who create worlds using sound and imagination. His new album uses more digital sounds than previous ones. A weird discovery I recently made was that one of his ‘Forth World’ albums was one of the cassettes playing while I was being born.

Kirk Barley
Again, I love his sounds and how he uses them; it is very distinctive. We are all agreed that his expertly chiseled and coloured sound pallet – as well as his use of space and simplicity within sonic and musical compositions – are genius. His work ranges from super atmospheric, cute and characterful skits to intense experimental beats that literally leave your head feeling like it’s just had a pummelling. Again, as with all of my favourite artists and producers, he makes worlds that feel like other dimensions and make you forget where you are and what you were feeling. 

Crewdson and Cevanne
They create a beautiful blend of electronics and folk (folktronica at its best). This is folk in the most traditional sense, with decorated and satisfying melodies. Cevanne’s harp playing perfectly fulfils the acoustic aspect of the music – I love that instrument. Elsewhere you have Crewdson live sampling and effecting her playing and singing, as well as playing electronics on his homemade instruments… as you can imagine they are awesome live. I also love the really unusual subject matters of their songs. Plus, hard not to mention, the sonic bonnets (midi controller headpieces designed by Jodie Cartman) are just awesome.

Shinichi Atobe
Simple and understated house beats made with nice sounds and deceptively interesting production. His music involves all the elements I like about the genre and doesn’t tend to involve any of the elements I don’t like so much… it is quite subdued and restrained but still quite upbeat with a slightly retro feel. It’s the kind of thing that keeps you ticking on, if you’re working or just chilling or something. 


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