Buttering Trio \\ ‘Cacti Juice’ Video premiere

2nd November 2018

Buttering Trio, the Israel based band, have released a psychedelic video to accompany their single ‘Cacti Juice’. Available on the Puzzles vol. 3 – Raw Tapes‘  2018 compilation, a record which marked ten years for the Raw Tapes label, the track is a disorientating, dream-like float through an unpredictable story. 

Check out the world premiere for their fantastical new music video and read what Buttering Trio had to say about their alluring lyrics and 2019 plans. 


“Sleeping while I’m being eaten whole, my future liquid in the bowl of someone else’s breakfast stew” is just one of the interesting lyrics in ‘Cacti Juice’; how do you write?

It was an associative writing, with the glidy synth as a starting point for an imaginative stroll. I often feel that while I live my comfortable colourful life, my existence is somehow being used to fulfill motives which I don’t sympathize with. Someone else’s breakfast stew. 

Both the lyrics and the video are trippy and fantastical; how did you build the video around the track?

The video was conceptualised and made by L.A based animator Jengo. He felt the song and had this truly fantastic vision for it. Jengo’s art is always far, speaking to the subconscious. Jengo also designed our band logo and 2 albums. We’ve been working with him for 7 years now, excited to share this video, the first video he ever made for us.

Musically, your songs sounds lighthearted, but there’s strong messages in some of your tracks; tell us about them?

We use everything that happens around us in the music. If we’re just smoking weed, If love-making occupies us, If a special plant – may it be a succulent or a mushroom – is on our mind, we write about it. And also if a strong subject asks for some light shedding. 

What’s coming up for you guys in 2019?

We will be releasing a few singles starting in the beginning of the year, working with a new video director for some exciting visuals. We’re also planning a few tours in 2019 mainly in Europe and Japan.

 ‘Cacti Juice’ was released on ‘Puzzles vol. 3 – Raw Tapes’  2018 compilation, marking ten years for the label

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